Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

2015 - november in the atacama desert - 2015

rough, but beautiful - and I love it !   -   so,  ….     I ´ll be back !   -   but this time :

no bed
no room
no car
no supporter

my feet
my backpack
my harness
my wing

I hope, I can carry enough water with me !   -   not to end like one of those guys, just above  -  :-))

PS.: of course I will have a bed, but just one of that kind, thats fits into my backpack / harness …

PPS.: but probably I will not have access to internet, or if, then rather seldom -
- so, if you would like to know, where I am around in the atacama ( nov3rd - dec5th ),
just use my SPOTlink, as it can be clicked just underneath :