Freitag, 6. März 2015

04. November 2014 - Iquique >> IQQ >> Calheta Camarones

Today I start again from Alto Hospicios flags and fly to the airport, turn around and fly back to Iquique and over lands end into the north. The bays around Calheta Buena again prove to be a key section. But new motivated from my last flight two days ago I can handle that. Passing Pisaqua and Tiliviche Canyon works as well as the coastal region between Pisaqua and Calheta Camarones. From my last cross over Camarones valley in the meantime I also know well, how to overcome this obstacle. On the north side of the Camarones valley is unflown territory and I am extremely blessed, that I can do that. Here is a land with about no single human sign of anything, no huts, no roads, not even a track or a path, just pure nature, as virginal as it could be. Sometimes like a drawing. Of course I know, that further north it changes into a complete unlandable rocky wall, that falls straight into the sea and for my first flight there I do not fly into it to far, but my first impressions there are terrific. I fly back to the camarones valley and as the valley do not provide any confidence for me, not to have heavy valley winds, I decide to cross the valley mouth to the south and build up altitude again. As I am nicely high up again and as it is so beautiful on the north side of the valley I cross it again to the north and fly on once more a short distance towards Calheta Vitor. Then I turn around and looking into Camarones valley the supposed wind situation does not look any better for me so I cross the valley mouth a forth time, now the second time back to the south. So what should I do ? I decide to fly out over the pacific ocean and glide to the village of Calheta Camarones to land in the courtyard of my fishermen friends to pack my glider. When we arrive by car in Cuya there is about no wind there - how could I have been figuring that out. As it was quite a wind at the valley mouth, I had to suppose, that the wind in Cuya must be much, much more. Usually it is, but today not !

But no arguing !  -  It is the first documented 200+km flight from Iquique and also I have crossed Camarones valley twice S to N and twice N to S, in total four times !










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