Montag, 23. März 2015

13. November 2014 - Pisaqua

Alex and I decide to start from the south side of the Pisaqua peninsula and try to enlarge my record triangle from 2009. Between Calheta Junin and Calheta Buena a rather unlandable, at least hardly retrievable - neither by land or sea - territory has to be overflown. But it works out good. On our flight back we meet a Hercules C130 military plane, which is on its way to a maneuver of a low overflight of the Pisaqua airstrip, which is a not any more or at least very seldom used airstrip, but it still is shown on ICAO maps. The pilot passes us on the land side and in front of us turns out over the sea to proceed with his task. We witness his low overflights, that he repeats twice over the eyes of a lot of military observers on the ground. As soon as his work is done everybody leaves the place and it is time for our overflight of the peninsula and the airstrip. As two dusties are now running over the flat land around the airstrip I back of a bit, but Alex flies right towards them and receives the donation of nice additional height and over he is. I on the other side loose height and have to build it again, back on the southern side of the highest point of the ridge. Now, also super high I pass the peninsula, but Alex seems to be gone. I fly on to the north, overfly the Tiliviche canyon and fly further north, but cannot see Alex any more. If we both fly out to far and would not get back, our car would be left in the desert, were no public transport is going to, comes into my mind. So my motivation for a big triangle gets a bit damped and I stay in save distance. As Alex comes back from the north I know, I was wrong or at least to cautious. He finishes a new record triangle for Pisaqua and also one of the best of Chile overall - not bad ! In the afternoon recreational pilots arrive by car and we spend the evening on campfire and the night in the desert together at the mouth of the Tiliviche river / canyon.









YouTube : Pisaqua S to Calheta Buena

YouTube : Crossing Pisaqua Peninsula S to N

YouTube : Cerro Toro to Pisaqua ( crossing Tiliviche N to S )