Mittwoch, 11. März 2015

07. November 2014 - Iquique

Today I wanted to have another rest day. But as former rest days proved to be the best flying days, I go up to Alto Hospicio to try another triangle flight from / around / to Iquique. I start towards the airport, turn there and proceed to the north. As my biggest triangle in chile until now is between the IQQ airport and Punta Guaneras, I have to overcome Punta Guaneras and be able to get back. I overfly this corner and also the following Punta Almacenes, but in sight of the third one - Punta Ballena all my memories about being grounded in the following Calheta Buena come up and I turn around at the highest point above this bay and fly all the way back to Iquique. It is the longest closed course flight ( triangle ), ever flown and documented in chile up to this day - another small kind of a new record flight.