Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

09. October 2014 - Chanaral . . . Antofagasta

Near Chanaral I sleep about 50m above sea level and wake up, hearing some light rain on the roof of the car. Rain ? Here in the Atacama ? Are you sure ? Looking out of the window, it really looks like and from there on I drive more than two hours through light rain. The desert looks just washed. There is no feeling like it would be full of blossoming flowers three days later, like I once watched in Saudi Arabia, but the fresh colors of the washed rocks still look very nice. I proceed to Taltal to drive on the costal road towards Antofagasta, as I want to take a look at the costal flying opportunities on that part of the pacific coast. Just after Taltal is a bay, called Tierra del Moro and the located mountain Cerro Moro shows a SW-looking shoulder, that looks inviting to take off there and fly towards the north. I am alone in my car and just exploring for the future … From Taltal to Paposo the road is brand-new asphalted and after Paposo it is a dirt track, but again about 100 km road works - looks like in one or two years it will be another nice costal road there. At Calheta El Cobre, about 60 km south of Antofagasta the road ends for a 4x2 vehicle and I have to take the track up to the Panamericana to the Paposo - Mano del Desierto - road to go on. North of Antofagasta I have enough daylight left to take a look at the Los1200 launch of Antofagasta and my N300 climbes up until about 30m of altitude underneath the take off.