Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

17. October 2014 - Iquique >> IQQ >> Calheta Camarones

Just like yesterday I start towards the Iquique airport, turn there and fly back to Iquique. Crossing lands end looks good and I proceed to the north. Still I do not want to be grounded as my feet are not healed at all. Calheta Buena and the two calhetas before show weak conditions again and if I would not have been grounded here 5 days ago I would be today. But today I know and concentrate on keeping hight in every aspect and so am able to overcome them. But this time the most dangerous part of the flight is between Calheta Buena and Calheta Junin. About 7 to 12 km more or less unlandable territory and a critical low cloud base about 400 to 500 m above sea level. I regret at a certain point that again I flew into such a risk, but finally I am through and after Pisaqua it looks like a completely other world : single clouds about 850 m above sea level and strong and nice thermic conditions show up here, just 10 to 20 km further north. Finally, when I arrive at Calheta Camarones the thermic winds are more or less at their end and i am lucky to reach the bay in smooth air in late sunshine. It is a flight of about 180 km, so at this moment it is the highest ranked one, ever flown from Iquique on a paraglider, by distance and by points  :-))




YouTube : Iquique to Pisaqua

YouTube : crossing Pisaqua peninsula

YouTube : crossing Tiliviche canyon

YouTube : crossing Chocolate Dunes at Calheta Chica

YouTube : crossing Camarones valley