Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

20. October 2014 - Lagunas Rojas . . . Iquique

I sleep underneath a west facing rockside to protect myself from the strong winds out of the east, which are common for the night time in the chilean highlands. In combination with freezing temperatures way below zero ( celsius ) these circumstances are serious for an altiplano sleeper because of cooling out in the wind chill. But the winds are again more or less not showing up and it is a nice and comfortable night - very strange - reminds me to my windless day in Calheta Buena. In the morning I meet a local indio and he tells me, that since weeks the usual winds - the thermic westerly winds of the afternoon as well as the easterly backflow in the night from Bolivia - do not show up like they always did or are very calm. Climate change comes into my mind. I walk back to my car and drive back to Iquique as it lookes like the conquering of the big cumulus above the big crater ridge will not be possible under those conditions.