Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

03. Dez. 2015 - IQQ - MUC




Early morning Alain drives me to the airport of Iquique, the airport, where we as paragliders are nicely permitted to fly by on saturdays and sundays closer to an airport  than in many other regions of the planet ( thank you IQQ-air-control ! ) My LANchile airbus takes off to Santiago and let me study the often flown coastline the last time for this year. Iberia takes me from Santiago de Chile over the andes mountains via Paraquai and Brasil and over the Atlantic to Portugal and Spain, where we land next day morning in Madrid. The following day a short european flight with another Iberia-aircraft brings me to Munich. Alpine ski flying is waiting ! - and of course another month in the paragliding paradise of the Kerio Valley in Kenya, Africa !