Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015

08. Nov. 2015 - Patillos



The night at Alains place is nice as he and his spouse warmly care for me. I am able to use a washing machine and take a shower. Just the night was town-like instead of desert-like, disco-sound in the neighborhood and moskitos around my head. In the morning Alain does a taxi drive to the airport and plans to bring an acro pilots couple to Patillos for a short XCflight. I join them, as I receive message, that around Pisaqua still military maneuvers will take place until the 20th of november and flying in Pisaqua or passing by Pisaqua will not be allowed for private aircrafts - paragliders belong to them. After I start in Patillos I try three times to overcome Punta Patache to the south, but all three times I fail to do so and so I turn around to fly to Iquique. When I arrive over Iquique the afternoon has turned in a overcasted, windless day and even flying around lands end does not seem promising. So I turn around and land again at Playa Cavancha, but this time I fold my glider in save distance to the palm trees with the cormorants on them