Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015

12. Nov. 2015 - Iquique


Another triangle attempt in Iquique. The day starts overcast and calm. Nonthelees Punta Gruesa is not easy. On my way to the airport I try to overfly it, but the condensate just flows out from inland at the ditch at the corner. Flying through this feels like soon sitting on the ground like 2001 on my old Octane S, but the M6 helps to overcome it at the end and to get into the big lift on the other side. Around the airport the real airflow becomes more and more apparent - it looks like more easterly than exact south. Flying back shows Palo de Buque and Punta Gruesa in low and thick condensate - I choose a track far out which ends once more in very low altitude around Playa Blanca and again it reminds me to old Octane days as on the corner at Playa Blanca the uprising air is turbulent and violently strong. When I reach Punta Cruz I check a possible turnaround and see myself in the low single digits against the wind. So I give up this day also, fly out to Playa Cavancha and spend another semi-rest day.