Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

17. Nov. 2015 - Iquique



The day starts completely blue, but flying is nice and smooth. At the launch I probably cut one second gallery - braking line by one of the broken glasses, that lay around there a lot. After some minutes of flying the line finally brakes in two . So I have to work a bit more than usual with my c-lines. Towards the airport and back the smooth flying is in place. Just Punta Gruesa from the south is rough as usual. As it is such a nice day and flying over lands end, just two days before was nice and easy also, I fly over lands end and get trapped there for the first time in years. I had noticed, that southerly winds had picked up, when I overflew it the first time, but I did. And so I have to try four times to be able to overcome it back to Iquique. Number two and three are quite rough and demanding. As usual the day gets more quiet towards the evening and the so called magic air in late afternoon shows broader lift, that ends higher up and so I can fly back. Also Punto Cruz is not an easy corner to overfly today towards the south but can be done. Once more the flight ends at Playa Cavancha.