Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

15. Nov. 2015 - Rio Loa





In the morning I wake up on my nice balcony plateau and first I explore the surrounding ridge heights. The second one from my sleeping place towards the El Loa canyon looks like just perfect. I go, get my gear and carry it over and have a breakfast on my take-off for the day. A big moth, sized and showing a flying style like a hummingbird joins me until I start. When I reach San Marco I see a many paragliders, who have obviously started there and so I have a lot of companions in the air towards Iquique. When I come to lands end, the last one turns around and as it looks quite fine towards the north. I overfly lands end, but turn around soon after and fly back. The airspace around Pisaqua is still a forbidden zone, because of military maneuvers, so it does not make sense to fly on. I fly back to Playa Cavancha and land there.