Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

29. Nov. 2015 - Cabo Paquica





Sleeping on the 400m-take-off I wake up knowing, that I have to repair a lot. First I hike up to the 700m-take-off. About a week ago, when my backpack got stolen, all my needles and repair-lines were stolen with it. So I have to improvise a lot to get a line set, that would work. I use some lines, that usually hold my SPOTdevice in position, an old packing line, a line, that usualy holds my accelerator in position and when I finally want to start I realize, that also a C-line is broken. Therefore I use my camera holding line and knot in a piece of it. Probably I start a bit to late, as out of the gate I reach higher altitudes than ever in front of this take-off. But the day is not the same, than, when I flew to Camarones from here. The achievable heights are even higher, but between the peaks today there is as much sinking. While looking up to the glider I realize, the gliders fabric also shows two cuts in its upper surface. The shining trough sunlight is telling me this. Reaching Iquique I am happy, that I am here with my "favela-style-lineset" and cuts in the fabric and decide to beef the flight up locally instead of flying on over remote territory. Backwards to the south I cannot overcome Punta Ballenera, turn around in the Baja Molle bend, fly once again to lands end and again to Baja Molle and finally land on the beach at Playa Cavancha.