Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015

07. Nov. 2015 - Cabo Paquica





Starting at Cabo Paquica works out very fine. I fly a bit to the south to enlarge my track and then turn around to the north. The complete flight is very regular and in about every aspect a bit easier as usual. That temps me to overfly Punta Gruesa the very straight way like with no respect at all and I have to pay : out of nothing I receive a so intense frontal collapse, that I really can say, never have flown any dynamic full stall, that can compare with that. When I am falling backside down in free fall style I realize the small shape of the glider in a bavarian brezel shape and realize immediately, that this will be no problem at all, as falling into the lines so powerful will open the glider like an explosion and it will fly on perfectly shaped and it´s just that, what follows. On lands end I have to decide, whether to fly on to the north or to beef up the flight locally. As my water and food is rather not to much any more, I decide the second. I fly back to the golf course in front of Punta Gruesa and of course turn there. Once more to lands end and once more to Baja Molle is my plan. But at Baja Molle I climb so high, that I can again fly to the golf course and that means. more than 250 kms are recorded - my goal is to fly 1500 points in chile, devided through six flights means an average of 250 and so one of those six flights is done. From there I fly back to the Cavancha beach and land on the green, next to a palm tree. But on this palm tree sit some great cormorants and just as I am undressed from all sweaty clothes and am packing my glider, one of them shits and this is like dumping a pot of white paint to the ground. And it hits me all over. Onto my head, my cloth on the ground, my harness, my glider … As the birds shit on my plan, sleeping one month in the desert, I clean my glider and harness, using my cloth and call my goof friend Alain, who had offered me the use of a washing machine, shower and bed, as often as I want to and from now on I am on plan B.