Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

26. Nov. 2015 - Iquique




Around midnight I had arrived with the Turbus from Cuya. In the next days, the last ones of my stay in the atacama, fI want to do at least another big flight. So I decide to charge my personnel batteries today. I spend some time, relaxing on the beach and some time, shopping in the Zofri for some really nice gear ( take a look at my gear-page in this blog ! ) I also meet Ralph to give back his C-pilot. He had helped me out generously by borrowing me this instrument, when my Compeo got stolen. In the meantime, Renato from Zurich / Switzerland has borrowed me his Flytec 6015, which is a very handsome and light tool for recording .igc-files and Ralphs C-pilot did not work properly all the time. ( Lateron we found out, that it was a problem of the cable, which connected the touchscreen to the motherboard of the instrument. During flight - if it worked properly - it was a fantastic instrument, very helpful to improve the pilots possibilities. )