Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

30. Nov. 2015 - Iquique



Because yesterday was so nice to beef up my flight, coming from Cabo Paquica, my canopy got not just dampened, but really wet in the humid air of the evening, I had to get it dry today. And what is nicer than to fly it for drying ? I start more or less completely alone in Alto Hospicio and I do not want to fly away. I reach unusual heights over Alto Hospicio. Its like a joke, but I still stick to my plan, just to dry the glider in flight and fly out to Playa Cavancha for landing and packing the glider carefully for my flight back to europe. I would like to rent a motorcycle to ride it to the altiplano in the coming last days in Iquique, but do not succeed in trying to do so.