Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

24. Nov. 2015 - Mamiña


After a day of organizing and recreation in town and on the beach and buying some stuff, that also got robbed with my backpack some days ago, I drive with Alain and friends to Mamiña. This small town in the highlands is modernizing and changing at a fast path as copper mining around town has picked up seriously in the last years. We visit the Baños of Barros Chinos, a hot water oasis, where you can cover yourself with healing mud and wash it off in thermal water, eat some lunch at a local eatery and finally visit Baños Ipla, which is the highest for my hammock harness back. Relaxation of a hurting back from 8-10-hours flights here is at its absolute highest possible level. The heat of Baños Ipla water heals all body pains and tensions in muscles and tendons - simply fantastic "new-born-feeling" as a result.